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Travel Technology Innovation

Seamless connectivity to all parts of the world is the growing interest with most companies that are looking for an international customer base. Our Search Marketing Technology connects business to the world by allowing small business to medium size companies to complete with multi-million dollar corporations. iLive Corp increase your online presence using search engine marketing, SEO and advance website development that increase the probability of your company showing up on the first page of a major search engine.


Hotel Exchange Platform

Our central reservation system (CRS) connects hotel, bus companies and travel agencies & tour operators to their customers from around the world. iLive Corp technology gives you the ability to present to potential customers from different part of the continent your products and services. Regardless if your are a small hotel in Vietnam or a famous 5 Star resort, an online presence is critical. Millions of customers first research information on the internet to find out the best possible price and services before making a purchasing decision. If your online store or website is not in front of their face when they are to make a decision then your competitors has again their business.


Internet Distribution System

iLive Corp singe command point allows managers, staff from different cities or owners of business to orchestrate your daily operation from one location we call our iLive Dashboard. This singe point-of-entry can be connected to anywhere there's an Internet connection. You are free to conduct business anywhere you wish.


Partnership Relationship Management

With our internet distribution service (IDS) services, your product and services are displayed in a user-friendly format. Know exactly what your customer wants and communicate with them in real time. Studies has show that companies that promptly reply to email or answer customer's questions first, with that individual business. The iLive Corp IDS system is rapid and real time. Tis allows consumers to end up with more access to your establishment's availability, rates, rules, and current special and promotions. And best of all, you can capitalize on a global presence to generate more business and build bottom-line profitability.