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China is a wonderfully exotic, culturally enriching country. Walking the Great Wall of China, touring ancient pagodas, witnessing the marvelous Ming Tombs, or cruising the Yangzte River are awe-inspiring experiences. Sampling authentic Chinese Food is a delight for the senses, and traveling by rickshaw -- well, that's just plain fun!

Enjoy all of these activities and more on an escorted tour (or escorted tour with river cruise) of China. Visiting this foreign country with a reputable escorted-travel company is the best way to get a wonderful overview of China's historical monuments and its unique culture -- for so many reasons.


Benefits of Touring China

First, unless you speak Chinese, you may find it difficult to make your way around this foreign country. With street signs, menus and other directions in Mandarin characters, it can be hard to navigate yourself. On an escorted tour, your tour director will speak the language, getting you from point A to point B seamlessly.

He or she will manage of all the transportation and accommodation arrangements, smoothing the way everywhere if any concerns arise. At the same time, your tour director will share with you some of the subtleties of the Chinese culture, sharing tips for proper etiquette in the Asian country. Of course, your tour director, as well as your local guides, will offer entertaining and educational commentary about any of the sightseeing stops you make.

Speaking of sightseeing, on an escorted tour of China, all of your sightseeing has been arranged in advance. That means no waiting in long lines to purchase tickets. You won't be shut out of any important sights.

So, there's no need to piece together sightseeing visits, shuttle transportation or hotel arrangements yourself. With an escorted tour, you'll travel between different cities in China with ease, staying in reputable hotels along the way, with many meals included -- all for one low price that you'll know before you go.